Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ventura County Fair (and cheaper)

The BOOKS for the Ventura County Fair are out. I got one at the Simi library today. We are all excited. They have a category for kids for Legos and Bionics and Little D made something for it last year and I slacked and didn’t turn it in on time. LOTS of categories to enter. I was thinking of entering dried rosemary and lavender and fresh peaches and plums and maybe peach jam (all from my yard). Besides the Legos the kids want to enter some of the art ones. Most are just ribbions for winning things. Some are money but amounts are about $1-5 for kids stuff.

We are going with Somis Homestudy we have a FREE day (but we have to pay for parking). There is a second day we can attend that is only $1 too.

If you get the Ventura County Fair book or look on their website they have a thing for kids to do for free ride tickets too. Depending on the grade they have to read a certain amount of books and write or draw about it and can get a few ride tickets!

Last year United Blood Services (UBS) also were giving away wrist bands for unlimited rides for people that donated blood. I donated and got two friends to as well and Little D, Baby K and I all three got to go on all the rides we wanted for free! UBS called and asked me to donate blood last week (I’m on their Ready Team) and I asked about the wrist bands. They said they are doing them this year but it hasn’t started yet and they’d call me and let me know when!

We also brought lunch with us in a backpack with extra water bottles.

Parking is by car so if you can carpool with someone else that will save money too. OR the train tracks are right next to the fairgrounds and that is what we might do this year. It will save the gas driving and the kids will love it!

I still spent about $60-80 for the day on junk food and stuff like wax molds of our hands. Over all, we had a blast and spent the whole day there!


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