Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby K keeps fainting

Okay, for a serious post. My daughter keeps fainting or almost fainting. She will come up to me and tell me her heart hurts her and twice now she has almost fainted and twice she totally fainted.

This has been going on for two years but only about once a year. Last year we did a EKG, chest x-ray, lab work, etc. an d all was normal.

We went to the ER on Monday, she felt woozy but didn't faint but had been complaining a lot on Sunday evening. Well, at the ER they said she had an irregular heartbeat (this did not show up last time) and everything else was fine. So, we got a referral to see a pediatric cardiologist.

That apt was suppose to be on Monday, the 18Th. They said they could not do it sooner since they usually schedule appointments a month out.

But, she fainted again, today. She didn't even put her arms out. Just turned, tripped on her dress and fell face first on a friend's concrete driveway. So, front tooth is loose. Nose, hands and knees scrapped up (but not bad) and we STILL have no clue why this is happening. The ER doctor mentioned that it MIGHT be gas and try to give her gas medicine and I got pissed at him for that. I asked him if he seriously thought that if her eyes were rolling back into her head, her head was lulling and she has totally fainted that I should give her gas medicine and actually think that gas would cause this. He gave me some stupid answer.

So, anyways, I called the office for the pediatric cardiologist today and said she fainted again and I didn't want to wait six more days for an appointment and they said to bring her in 'now' and they could see her before leaving for the day.

We went down there (in Thousand Oaks) and it took for EVER. We were there for over 2 hours but it was still great they squeezed is in.

The doctor looked at the hospital EKG. Did one again. Looked at her heart with a Doppler (like an ultrasound machine) . The doctor said it is very unusual that she is telling me her chest hurts before she faints.

Right now she has a thing on her that has stickers with wires all over them on her chest and all of them are attached to a little purse box thing that is over her shoulder.

She has to wear the holder for 24 hours (so 3pm tomorrow) and then we have to bring it back and give it to them. The nurse said it takes over an hour to read the results so we are just dropping it off and the doctor is suppose to call us when he knows something.

I also have to get a watch with a second hand tomorrow (if anyone reading this is close by, let me know if you have one so that I don't have to spend the money). I have to take her pulse 10 times a day and keep a log of it. When she is asleep. Resting. Running around. Fighting with Little D. and when she feels like her chest is hurting her. So, hopefully we can figure it all out soon!

Prayers are needed! When Baby K realized that all this might be related to her heart and that when someones heart starts beating they can die (I told her that that is not likely) she was totally unfazed.

She told me that if she died she'd be in heaven and that she'd wait for me in heaven for when it was my time too so it would all be okay because we'd be together again!

WOW, huh? Such wisdom from an almost 6 yr old!

I'll update on this when I know any more!



  1. No new news yet. More tests but all have been fine! I'll post soon more details. Thank you for asking!