Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Forty-Acre Swindle Black history George Carver

I just finished reading a great children's book. I wanted to read it to preview it to figure out the general age level for reading it to see if it is okay for Little D. The book is called The Forty-Acre Swindle. It is by Dave & Neta Jackson. It is fictional but has factual information about George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington and mentions W.E.B. Dubois too. On the back it is recommended for children ages 8-12 (which I agree with but someone as old as 12 can handle more truth then just prejudices mentioned vs racism and slavery).

A great quote that is in the book from George Washington Carver...

'Don't tell me it's about right," he'd say to a student who had just given him an inexact answer. 'About right might as well be wrong." And then he'd say, "If you come to a stream that's five feet wide, and you jump four and a half feet, well, that's about right. But you might as well just topple in at the near band and save yourself the effort."

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