Sunday, August 17, 2008

Magic Mountain for $40 for 5 people

1-My nephew. Yes, my sister put blue spray in his hair!

2- Baby K with Bugs Bunny. We headed here straight from VBS so Baby K and Little D are both wearing their VBS t-shirts.

The three of us with a California bear.


YES!!! We went to Magic Mountain and did not spend an arm and a leg! For our tickets, parking, food bought there..everything except the gas. We spent less then $40.00.

I went with my two kids and my sister and her son.

First, the three kids got in free. We had tickets from the school reading program. They were handed out to us at the end-of-the-year potluck. I thought we'd probably go with someone else so I asked for two extra tickets. But, they work for children only.

Second, my sister got an adult ticket for free. Magic Mountain sends coupon packages to places of employment all the time and with all the coupons is one free adult admission.

Third, I got my ticket on eBay for $23.00. I could have gotten a discount admission off of the children tickets for $29 but the woman lived in the valley and met me at my dad's work to bring me the ticket.

Fourth, we ate before we went and gave the kids snacks in the car. Walking in the signs said, 'No outside food or drinks' but they let us bring in water, gatoraid and soda. My sister also had bags with chips, grapes, nuts and other snacks. They confesgated the chips saying we were not allowed to bring those in. Not sure why that specific item but I guess because they could try to make us buy it there! ???

So, what DID we spend money on? $7.00 on two diet Pepsi sodas. Parking was $7.00. My sister paid for the kids to play the game where they shoot water into the clown's mouth. As a side note. Little D won. He got a Tweety Bird stuffed animal and every so sweetly he gave it to Baby K and said it was for her. We got to the park around 11am and left around 7pm. We planned to get fast food for the car ride home in case the kids fell asleep in the car. So, that was about $11.00 for the five of us.

There it is! We had a wonderful day. Lots of fun. Went on quiet a few rides. Even got wet on some. AAAAND we didn't go broke doing it!

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