Tuesday, August 12, 2008

half.com eBay changes in media mail and paypal shipping

It used to be that when I sold a book on http://www.half.com/ I would have to put stamps on it to ship it. THEN the USPS changed things and things over 1 pound can not be left in the mailbox unless a shipping label was printed. So, I had to take every text book that sold to the post office.

With the USPS website, http://www.usps.com/ I can print shipping labels but ONLY if they are Priority or Express mail.

With Paypal I can print USPS shipping labels that are Priority, Express, Parcel post, First Class or Media Mail... YEAH. But, for International I can only print Express or Priority. If I want to ship something international and I want ti Parcel Post I have to bring it into the post office.

Well, I just sold a book on half.com. I haven't sold on on there for a few months. My inventory was all messed up so I deleted all of them from online and I just now got to relisting the ones I kept after going through all of them. I am now down to about 30 and I used to have over 300.

So, I noticed something new. An icon to 'print shipping label' instead of it saying, 'mark as shipped'. So, I clicked. And it directed me to Paypal and, YEAH, I was able to print the shipping label and print it as Media Mail!!

This makes it soooooo much easier to ship from home!


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