Saturday, August 16, 2008

Portable EKG is okay

Dr. Leong called me last night. He said the results from the portable EKG were fine.

Without her complaining of her chest hurting, everything else on the EKG looked normal. Her heartbeat when she was sleeping was fine too.

So, the next step is a event recorder. On Monday morning we need to go to his office and they will show us how to set it up but basically any time she complains of her chest hurting her or that she faints we put it on her really quickly and it wirelessly sends a signal to the doctor with the results. If it is really high he will call me right back. If it is okay he will just call when he can. We are suppose to keep this for a month to see if we can 'catch' on the event recorder one of these, well, events!

He said camping is fine. The event recorder will work there just fine so we don't have to worry about that. And he said once it is on we don't have to restrict her activities in any way.

I'm praying we get some answers soon!

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  1. Hopefully, you will find some answers soon. So glad to hear that everything is good with the EKG so far!!