Monday, October 20, 2008

Free money and balloon from Toys R Us

On the same thread as the free ice cream, I registered both kids for the free birthday club with Toys R us. This was easy and is actually cute and fun.

About a month before their birthday I got a birthday count down list with ides, suggestions and reminders with a check-off list.

The kids got a gift card for Toys U Us. It says 'Good for $3 off any purchase of $3 or more'.

We had some birthday returns so with the store credit I used this too to save on their new purchase.

Last, they got a post card that said to present it to an employee at the customer service desk for a birthday surprise.

This was adorable! Little D was slightly embarrassed but still young enough to enjoy it. Little K was glowing.

The customer service person gave both of them a birthday crown to wear. Gave them a helium balloon that said Toys R Us and Happy Birthday on it. And announced on the loud speaker both of their names, their ages and a very loud Happy Birthday to both of them!

They got extra smiles the whole time we were browsing the store.


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