Monday, October 20, 2008

Mystery Shops work at home

Yes, you can do mystery shops. They are not all a hype. However, you will not make a living doing them. If you want to do them, consider them an extra perk. A little more money or 'things' that you purchase and get reinbursed for. I like the part of being in disguise. Most pay $10-15 and for restraunts will reinburse about $25-50.

I used to do them with about 5-6 different companies. Furniture stores, fast food, banks, retail stores that are high-end selling clothes, purses, etc. It is a blast to do them.

I have stopped because there is a limited time to sign back on and do the report (which takes about 30-60 mintues). It is more profitable for me to list online to sell rather then do an hour long report that I got $10. for.

If you want to do them, ask around or do a Google seach. Two that I liked were Sassie Shop, and I Shop For You,

My friend, Susan, has done them as well. She told me about a car trip she was going to make and needed an oil change. She emailed a shop that has done oil changes before and asked if they had one and they did (but hadn't posted it yet). She has done that with airport parking as well.

So, she got to do mystery shops that were not even posted by just asking. She got a free oil change and got reinbursed for her airport parking!


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