Monday, October 20, 2008

Great free learning homeschooling websites

I'm going to try to make a list of websites for homeschooling. Please let me know if you have an good ones to add. They can be good for teaching online, free lesson plans to print or games for kids to play. This one is not free but they do have a free 3-day trial without using a credit card. Type in 3DAYSFREE (all caps). I have not checked this one out yet but have heard it is great.

Brainpop or BrainpopJr (just add dot com to either). They do have accounts that you can subscribe to as a yearly membership but some of the videos and exercises are free. Great for environment and recycling. Great for reading, spelling, phonics. A few different grade levels. Sign up your children to receive coupons for a free personal pizza each month as part of a reading program. They have a section for homeschooling and for public schools as well. It was hard to navigate but we found the exact same edition of the math books that Little D and Baby K have and there were games and some interactive activities that related to some specific chapters of their math books. They had other sections besides math as well.

The following few I got from a magazine as the 'top five sites for kids to grow on' I have not seen them all but the ones I have previewed were great.

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