Monday, October 20, 2008

Free Pepsi... customer service

I have called the (800) number before when I have gotten an item at the store that I have a problem with. They are usually very accommodating and happy to help.

When I had a bottle of hair detangler for Baby K and the plastic of the bottle was too thick to squeeze it out once I got 1/2 way through the bottle I called. It was a brand new product and they were very happy to know this. On top of that they sent me coupons. Two were $7.99 coupons for any product they make and a few more were $1.00 coupons.

So, recently I did this with Pepsi. I did not have a problem with their the Pepsi but with their contest. I had a bottle cap that said 'buy one 20 oz get one free' and I took it to three different places and no one would take it. They all said, "We don't participate in that program." Even the place that I bought it from.

The Pepsi customer service rep. told me that it is up to the places that sell the Pepsi if they want to participate or not. BUT.. they mailed me some coupons for the inconvenience.

I got two coupons. Each good for one 2-liter bottle of any Pepsi-Cola product.

Well, this only gets better. I went to Vons to shop and they were having a sale. 'Buy One Get One Free' on the Pepsi products.

So, I got Four 2-liter bottles of Diet Pepsi for free!


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