Monday, October 20, 2008

Strathearn Historical Park Ghost Tours Bottle Village Grandma Prisby

Right now through The end of October the Strathearn Historical Park in Simi Valley will be having Ghost Tours.

It is their scary Halloween fundraiser for people to come and see.

It costs $8 per person and guests go on a tour visiting ghosts from Simi Valley's Past.

Including my favorite, Grandma Prisby, the founder and Creator of Bottle Village (a historical landmark in Simi Valley).

The Ghosts Tours is open October 24,25 & 26th. Friday 7-10pm, Saturday 6-10pm and Sunday 6-9pm.

Docent-led tours depart every 10 minutes.

I am planning on going next weekend. Last year I wanted to go but thought it might be too scary for Little D and Baby K but I asked this year and I was told it is a whole-family event and that it is child-friendly.


Strathearn Park is at 137 Strathearn Place (805) 526-6453.

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