Monday, June 15, 2009

bottle water -recycling

I cut/paste this from Tania's Tips. Funny because my dad was just telling me about this about a week ago. My reverse Osmosis is leaking and he told me that chlorine is an unstable chemical. So if your drinking water has 'that' taste. Put it in a pitcher in the fridge and overnight the chlorine will evaporate. In the morning you'll have crisp, cold drinking water.

Tania's tips;

Today's Tips:

* Something to think about: Here in our city if you buy bottled water for a family of 4 it costs about $1700 a year. If you use tap water for that same amount of water, it costs $14.

Have you heard the joke that says, "He is such a good salesman that he could sale ice to an Eskimo?" Well, I think some good salesmen got together and said "Let's see if we can sell water to people who get it for almost free from their tap." ...And it worked. They did it. I don't know about you but there are an awful lot of things I would like to do with $1700.

* Want water that tastes as cool and crisp as a mountain stream? Pour your water into a jug and put it in the fridge overnight. All chlorine and chemical taste disappears and the water is delicious.

On top of the savings... what about all of those water bottles? Yes, you can say you recycle them by putting them in the recycle container. Or you might even take them to a recycling center and get the money, like we do. But, did you think about the fact that even if the bottles were recycled it would still be better to not ever buy or use them in the first place?

I have had friends rave about something called a Clean Canteen (or it might be spelled Klean Kanteen). It is a tall metal water bottle that is washable, reusable and you do not have to worry about the weird chemicals that the water bottles can emit into the water when they get too hot in the car.

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