Tuesday, June 16, 2009

U-Promise.com account for kids for college

In my opinion, this will never pay the way for your children to go to college. But, since it is free, why not let it save some money for you. There is endless ways to sign up. I am more basic. I have my credit card on it, my Ralph's card and my Von's Card. When I go grocery shopping and use my card the money goes directly to the account. It is usually petty amounts. There is a pending one right now for 7 cents. A recent one is for 15 cents. But, since my kids have years until college, this is just money that will sit there, so why not?

Right now I have almost $250.00 in there! I can designate it to one child or just leave it for either Little D or Baby K to use or another family member too!



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