Monday, June 15, 2009

Steve Spangler on the Ellen Show

I first heard about Steve Spangler from a mom on a homeschool chat group. They had a park day and had done tie-dye shirts a different, easy way. I had not attended but was instantly hooked when she posted how she did it and the link to Steve Spangler's online store. I could shop on there for hours! At Christmas time, last year, when my mom asked, "What should I get the kids?" I told her about this website and she too went crazy and spent wayyyy too much money but the kids LOVE the presents. It helps that Little D and Baby K LOVE LOVE LOVE science experiments. So, this evening, before bedtime, I showed them a new email with a video on it from Steve Spangler. Of course, they wanted more. So, I went to Youtube and we watched a few. There a a large amount to choose from but I just put a few here for you to check out and enjoy. The 'elephant toothpaste' and the girl walking across the gack are my favorites!

The reverse helium makes me want to figure out how to purchase that gas! ;-)

The last link is for the online store! They can also mail you a catalog!


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  1. My kids are CRAZY about Steve Spangler! The Insta-Snow, the worms, the goo, the bangs and pops and messes. . . their grades have gone up and they're more focused, too. I credit Spangler with all improvements! This man truly understands that when kids touch something, feel it, smell it, have something to do with making it move, etc, they are learning, and far better than anything in a textbook or classroom could have done.