Monday, June 15, 2009

Ventura County Fair 2009 Read and Ride and wrist bands and more

It is Fair time at the Ventura County Fair Aug 5th-16th.


students can earn free carnival rides through our reading program, “Read & Ride” for local kindergarten through 8. Go to their website and print it out. Fill it in. Mail it in. There is a deadline for mailing it in.

The last 3 years (or more) United Blood Services off a free wrist band that is for unlimited rides at the fair to those that donate blood. This is a great way to save money and to go on what ever rides you want, even if it is 40xs! :-) There are blockout dates on the wrist bands. That happened to us last year and it was a bummer. I didn't notice and when I tried to turn in the tickets for the wrist bands I was told that I couldn't. :-(

There are also hundreds (seems like millions) of categories for entries at the fair. Food items, like cookies, muffins, homemade jam, best grown veggies. Table setting, Lego built items, writing, drawing, sewing, a large amount of animals (mostly 4-H clubs). And a category of display boxes (not sure what the entry is called). Most are a group of similar items all put in one display case. Some are very unique. Stamps, Legos, US military medals, I even saw a Hello Kitty one. Oh, and a fish tank display. About 200 tanks that were individual entries. Some just pretty. Others had themes to them.

Books should come out soon with more details on how to enter items. I checked with the Simi Library on Friday and they hadn't seen them yet but that is one local place that I have seem the books out for people to grab!

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