Monday, June 15, 2009

Strawberry Jam

I made strawberry jam today with the kids. Not a huge amount but I was really craving some and had strawberries and did NOT want to go to the store to buy jam. I have two large jars (quart?) of strawberry jam and after measuring I have about 2 cups more of strawberries left but needed 4 1/2 for the jam. I could not half the recipe because the pectin came in a liquid-gel squeeze bag and I have no clue how to split that. So, with the rest I made strawberry-banana jam. The color looks a little cloudy- like the same color of the stuff that is skimmed off the top before ladling it into the jars-I'm hoping it still taste yummy.

I will make more soon and at the end of summer, when our peach tree is ripe, I plan to make some peach jam.


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