Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer fun

There are lots of fun things to do this summer. Yes, swimming, running in the sprinklers and just staying at home, playing with toys, is great. But kids do get bored. You do not have to spend a fortune every day to entertain either.

Some cool ones;

Ventura County Fair- there are usually two days that it costs only $1 to get in.

Summer Reading Program. Around here there are shows in the libraries in Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Moorpark and Camarillo. I'm sure others a little further out too. The actual reading program is a little boring for Little D. The prizes are items like a pencil or a sticker. But the shows are great. Magicians, music, theater, a raptor show, The Reptile Family and more. Last year there were Hawaiian dancers at the Moorpark Library. At the end of the reading program there is usually a large prize. Not sure if is every year but often it is 'kids golf free' at Golf 'N Stuff.

The Regal Theater offers free movies every Tuesday and Wednesday the whole summer long. They start tomorrow. They are older movies, not new releases, but most we haven't seen.

The beach.. need I say more! :-)

There are some museums around here that are free. Travel Town by the L.A. Zoo has some locomotives that are neat to climb on and look at. California Science Center in Exposition Park is free and there is about 3 other museums that branch off from the same parking lot.

You can even go to a pet store and just walk around and look at all the adorable animals!


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