Saturday, February 16, 2008

eBay tip

If you are up in the middle of night listing things on eBay schedule to post things at a 'decent hour'. If you list things consider when other people will be up. Since the most common auction is a 7 day auction but you can not choose a time difference it will end the same time and hour you begin it.

It does not always happen but it is nice when auctions get into a bidding war at the end of the auction. The chance of this happening increases when your auctions is ending at a time that more people are on the internet.

BUT, it does not stop there. I am in California. But I have to think about where others are as well. Now, I do sell internationally (why not?) But that is another topic. So, When I list something I try to schedule the auction to post around 4pm, my time. That way in the rest of the U.S. it isn't too late at night and people might still be online.

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