Saturday, February 9, 2008

Frugal tip for kids that love books

I KNOW the cost of new books is expensive. A children's book at a local bookstore is usually about $3-5 for a cheap, soft-back book.

A few things I do to avoid bookstores;

Buy books at garage sales instead. Most books are sold for a price range of 5 cents to 50 cents a book (but usually about 25 cents).

Go to your local library and find brand new books!!! I'll tell you how. Magazines geared for parents of young children often have a book-of-the-month section. There might be a few books for each age group or a certain theme or genre to the monthly selection but they are usually brand new books that have just been published. Tear out these pages and find the books at your library. We have been the very first to check out a book several times.

To save time order the books online. This might not work in all areas but in Ventura County a person can log on to the Ventura County library system and search and pick out books and have them 'pulled'. In a few days they will receive a notice by email or mail saying the books are in. (this is the part I love). The books are at the front desk waiting! Walk in, show them the library card, they put them in the computer and walk out. Very quick and easy. The best things is that the books are not only from the library in our city but from libraries all over the county and they are all at our city library to pick up.

When we are done with the books we drop them off at our library and the library takes care of returning them to all the other libraries.

Unless there is a book I REALLY want I do not use book gift cards that I am given as a gift either. I NEVER make it out of there paying only the amount that is on the card. Especially if both children are with me. So, I keep the gift card and use it next time I need to give someone a gift. Everyone in my family is a pro at re-gifting.

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  1. What about the Friends of the Library Bookstore or thrift stores.
    Also, Borders and other large chain Bookstores also have amazing clearance prices on children's books after Christmas. Prices can be as low as $2-! Maybe a gift card could be used for these sales.
    My kids love doing this. It also teaches them math skills, how to live on a budget, and self-discipline. My kids are pros(even my 5 year old) at spending the amount on the card or less! Plus, it always makes the gift-giver happy to know what the kids bought with their gift and how excited they are about their purchases.