Sunday, February 17, 2008


We did not do much, again, today. Went to too many garage sales today and found nothing good. A few I could not even find. The kids were with their dad for a few hours then we went to 'Sunday School' at church. Our church, The Church of Rocky Peak, has two Sunday services and both have a kiash that offers donuts, muffins, smoothies and other drinks. At the Saturday night service this is not available but the children get to have pizza during snack time! A great way for me to not made dinner! LOL! Daeton still has his cough but it WAS almost gone. I think the cold air tickled it and he was coughing most of the drive home after church. Probably didn't help that he is overtired and that the three of us raced to the car, running in the cold air.

Tomorrow we have a field trip/tour of the Simi Waste Treatment Plant. Someone I know from college works there and is going to give us a private tour. Should be weird, gross, smelly and interesting. Not sure what the kids will think. My mom said she went there with an environmental class in college and she really enjoyed it. I'll post how it went. If it seems interesting enough I can organize a field trip that is open to the homeschool community.

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