Saturday, February 7, 2009

Paypal and USPS shipping labels

I found a way to print shipping labels with Paypal for someone that did NOT pay with an eBay auction! This is a huge thing!

Normally, if someone bought something on eBay and paid with Paypal I could create a shipping label that is: Express Mail, Priority Mail, Parcel Post, First Class, Media Mail, International Express Mail or International Priority Mail.

BUT... if they paid another way, I would be able to go to USPS and create a shipping label but I could only do it from Express Mail, Priority Mail or Priority and Express International.

All the slower services are not an option to "click 'n ship" in the USPS website. So someone paying from a book I sold on or a trade with Paperback Swap, or just sending something to my grandma, I would have to go to the post office to ship it or pay the money for higher/quicker shipping rates.

Well, a friend, Andy, gets the actual credit for this since he discovered it, but this is a goldmine! It is not as easy but is so worth being able to print something Media Mail, Parcel Post or First Class from home.

Go to and log in to your account.

Click on the 'Products and Services' at the top.

Scroll to the bottom rectangle box and in all of the options click on 'multi-order shipping'. or a tab that says 'shipping labels' and then go to 'multi-order shipping'.

Click on 'file'

Click on 'create new order'

and type in addresses, type of shipping, weight, etc.

Click on Print and Pay.

Click on Pay

and it will pop up to print it on a shipping label.

The only one that it will not do is First Class International so I will still have to go to the post office for those but that sure saves me lots of time!



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