Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello Kitty dessert snack recipe

My friend, Leese, LOVES Hello Kitty. When we were in Jr. High school it was all about scotty dogs. Clothes, figurines, wanting a live one, etc... all scotty dogs. This lasted for about 20 years. Now, it is Hello Kitty. I'm not sure when or how this started but it also aided her in changing her favorite color to pink! LOL! Now, Hello Kitty is everywhere. Her car has it on the back window, steering wheel cover, floor mats, even custom exhaust pipes. At home it is everywhere. Picture frames, calendar, stickers, etc.

So, when I saw this new website, it made me think of her. These look easy to make. Step-by-step directions with lots of photos!

Here is the direct link for the Hello Kitty pops!

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