Friday, February 6, 2009

Bottle Village Cake

Yesterday was Joanne's birthday. She is my mom's best friend and also the president of the non-profit organization, Preserve Bottle Village. There is a board meeting tomorrow that I am going to and another member, Drew, and I were talking about baking a cake for Joanne. I emailed her a great idea for a crazy cake that I thought Joanne would get a kick out of but Drew hated it (LOL) and ordered a cake from a store that is a 'photo cake'. Drew told me that she picked one of my photographs to be on the cake (WOW) but won't tell me which one and that I just have to 'wait-and-see' tomorrow!

So, I will have to take a picture of the photo cake before it is cut into and post it!

How flattering is that! Big Grin here!!!


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