Monday, February 23, 2009

Free sub coupon for Quiznos $2 Subway

want a free Quiznos sub?

You will have to provide them with your email address. But, it is easy. You sign up. They email you something with a 'click here for coupon' link. Click on it. Open it. Print it.

However... the coupon has to be used within 5 days of printing it. So, if you aren't going to use it right away wait to print it.

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Also, my sister told me that they is a lawsuit settlement with Subway and if you go to their website you can print a $2.00 coupon off. I went to their website and it is for California residence only. Below is what I cut/paste off of their website;

If you are one of the first 142,500 valid requests we receive, we'll send you a $2 Gift Card.
We are distributing 142,500 SUBWAY® gift cards as part of a settlement agreement with the State of California due to claims made that advertised specials were not honored in certain locations.

It is not a coupon you can print. It is a card they will mail to you in 10-12 weeks. Only one per household (not sure if they check by email address or street address).

Go to their main website and click on the $2.00 for California Residence card on the left side.

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