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huge list of homeschool books for sale in Simi Valley

I just posted this to a few used curriculum groups and I have had a few decent replies but a lot is still left. I will mail, Media Mail if possible, and buyer pays postage. I accept Paypal too!


Games and board games:

The Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Game. In gold collector’s tin. Gently used. $5.00.
Brain Quest. Grades 1-6. 2-4 players. Gently used. $5.00.
Pictionary. National Parks Edition. Age 7 and up. 3 or more players. Brand new. $10.00.
Monopoly. Alaska Edition. Opened but unused. $10.00.
Outburst. Gently used. $5.00.
Wood shape sorter set. Wood boards with pictures in shapes on them. Match with small colorful wood pieces to make the same picture. $15.00.
Stacking and sorting cups. 10 cups. All nestle in each other, each one a little smaller. $10.00.
Geoboard. Black with 25 nails. 9 ½ x 9 ½ inches. Made of wood. $10.00.
Girl Scout Original Make-A-Plate. 25 sheets and everything else to make plates. Will have to mail in and pay shipping to get the plates.
Lakeshore. Magnetic board with colored discs behind clear plastic. Use a magnet to drag discs to holes to create pictures. Lot of laminated sheets with pictures to copy. $15.00.
Professor Noggin’s. Dinosaur Card game. Ages 7 and up.2-8 players. Brand new. $8.00.
Discovery Toys. ABSeas. Alphabet fishing game. Ages 4 and up. Both cap and lower case sides. Lots of fun. Kinda like a fishing bingo game. $10.00.
Vintage Alphabet Bingo game by Trend Enterprises. Looks like it is from the 70’s. $5.00.
Alphabet Bingo with spinner. Lower case letters and matching picture next to each letter. $4.00.
Score pad for Brain Quest. Free with other purchases.
Space Age Crystals. Grow your own crystal kit. Grow collection of 12 different crystal clusters. Ages 12 and up. Brand new. Original price $35.00. Asking $20.00. Unopened.

Computer games, CD and DVD:

The Complete National Geographic. 108 Years of National Geographic Magazine of Cd-Rom. Windows 95 or W Macintosh. Every page. Every issue. Every article, photograph, map and magazine cover. Entire search index on every cd points you easily to the correct disc. 178,567 pages with spectacular photographs. 9,048 articles. From 1888 to 1990’s. In cardboard case. In great condition. $40.00.
Great Composers. Frederic Chopin. Listened to once. $5.00.
Find & Circle. Create your own puzzles or play the built-in puzzles provided (word searches). $1.00.
Encyclopedia of U.S. Endangered Species. $1.00.
Math Blaster. Secret of The Lost City. Episode 2. $1.00.
Middle School Suite. Verb. Noun. ½. A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to middle school math and grammar. $1.00.
SunMedia. Exploring China. A Close-View of the Ancient Beauty. Unopened. $1.00.
Multimedia. World History. Take the MYSTERY out of History! $1.00.
Word Attack 3. The World’s Best Selling vocabulary Program. $1.00.
Macmillan Dictionary for Children. Featuring Zak! $1.00.
Multimedia. Trigonometry. Guarantees Success! Interactive, one-on-one video instructions. $1.00.
The Great Battles of Alexander. Capture, crush, conquer. Multiplayer combat game. RSAC Advis ory. Violence. Humans killed. Level 2 (of 4). Brand new. $8.00.
Mathematics for Middle Schools. 5 cd-roms. Ages 10-13. Pre-algebra, geometry, fractions, decimals, measurements and variables. 10.00.


1- Magic School Bus. For Lunch. Aprox. 30 minutes. $3.00.

Felt Board pieces:

1- Felt Wonders. # 2314. Fruits and nuts. 18 pieces. sizes ranging from 2" to 8 1/2 inches.
2- Felt Wonders. # 2315. Vegetables. 16 pieces. Sizes ranging from 2" to 11 1/2 inches.
3- Felt Wonders. huge farm set with barn, animals, people, trees, etc. A gallon size zip-loc bag FULL.

$10 per bag/set. All are new.


Two puzzles in one package. Brand new and still in plastic wrap. 1- The United States Puzzle. 55 pieces. 2- The Global Puzzle. Build the puzzle and learn the world. 600 pieces. “Total Geography Combo Pack’. $15.00.
Lot of wood puzzles, mostly Disney. Aladdin, Barney, Bugs Bunny, a pink pig, Poochies, Genie from Aladdin, Alphabet, US Map, Pinocchio, The Cave of Wonders (Aladdin and monkey). $15 for all.
Bag of Number Board Tiles from Lakeshore. # AH22. 1 inch squares in red, yellow, green and blue. $5.00.
Grounds for Murder. A mystery jigsaw thriller with a secret puzzle image. Story by John Lutz. Pic of coffee cup with two entwined ghost hands holding jewelry. Coffee beans all around. By Bepuzzled. $5.00.
Melissa and Doug. Lights, Camera, Interaction. Basic Skills Board. Snap, belt, tie shoe, zipper, buttons. Zipper one has wear and is faced from being wet. $8.00.
American Girl. Samantha. Frame Puzzles. 3 colorful puzzles to put together, frame and display. 50 pieces each. Brand New. $8.00.
Spirit of Christ. By Ted Blaylock. 750 pieces. Brand new. $5.00.
Shape Puzzle. UFO. Ages 7-9. By LEGO. Over 200 pieces. $5.00.
Children of the World. Sewing Cards (hard boards). 5 cards and laces. By Creative Play. Ages 3 and up but I used for my son in pre and K for fine motor skills. $5.00.

Books: ALL BOOKS ARE ONLY $2.00 each.. Many are hardback. Some are new.
Books are recently published unless I put the copyright date on the.
Eyewitness Juniors-3. Amazing Snakes.
Usborne Science Activities. Science and Your Body.
The Legend of Indian Paintbrush.
The Story of Boats. Gullian Hutchinson.
The True Book on Magnets & Electricity. Copyright 1961.
The True Book on Plant Experiments. Copyright 1960.
The True Book on Deserts. Copyright 1958.
Owls, Bats, wolves and other nocturnal animals. Kris Hirschmann.
Seeing Things My Way. Alden Carter. Book about a young girl that has vision impairments and is legally blind.
The Blue Whale. This is a let’s-read-and-find-out science book. Kazue Mizumura. Copyright 1971.
The Dolphin. Prince of the Waves.
Desert Giant. The World of the Saguaro Cactus. Barbara Bash.
Two-Can First Encyclopedia. How Things Work. Things we make, build and use.
You Can Be a Woman Marine Biologist. Florence McAlery.
How To Dray and Paint. Watercolors Step-By-Step. By Kolan Peterson.
Usborne Starting Point Science. What Makes a Flower Grow?
Looking at the Sky. My First Field Guide. (full moon, rainbows, clouds, sunsets, comets, etc).
What Makes a magnet? By Franklyn Branley. State 2.
Bomby the Bombardier Beetle. By Hazle May Rue.
Lakes and Ponds. Copyright 1985.
Everything You Need to Know. The Answer Book for School Survival.
The Survival Series for Kids. What To Do When Someone Asks You To Baby-Sit! By Joy Berry.
Usborne Starting Point Science. Where Does Rubbish Go?
Energy Makes Things Happen. By Kimberly Bradley.
God’s World. K. A Beka Book Science Series.
Sunshine Meadows. A Beka Book. Reading Program. 2.6
ANT. My First Nature Book.
Animal Camouflage. Over 300 fun facts for curious kids.
Questions Kid’s Ask About Themselves.
Mad Science. Your Incredible, Icky Insides. Experiment Log.
Plymouth Massachusetts. Cape Cod.
Usborne Science Activities. Science with Water.
DK Eye Wonder. Human Body. Open Your Eyes to a world of discovery.
Amazing Space Facts. By Dinah Moche. Copyright 1988.
Flowers. An Illustrated Treasury.
Learn with moonbird. Energy. Copyright 1983.
Thanks to Trees. The Story of Their Use and Conservation. By Irma Webber.
Fossils Tell of Long Ago. By Aliki.
Wiggling Worms at Work. By Wendy Pfeffer.
Animals Do The Strangest Things. By Leonora Hornblow. Copyright 1964.
Science Workshop. Elements. Mixtures. And Reactions. Easy to make science experiments with bright ideas and why they work.
The Wonders of Water. California State Series. Copyright 1967.
Elementary Science. Learning by Investigating. ESLI 1.
Microbes at Work. By Millicent Selsam.
The Human Body. A Nature-Fact Book.
Story Starters. My First Stories. A workbook for ages 6-8 to develop your child’s creative writing skills. Some pencil writing in first few pages.
AIDS. How It Works in the body. By Lorna Greenberg. Copyright 1992.
Road to reading- Mile 4. Extinct! Creatures of the Past. By Mary Batten.
Spectrum- McGraw-Hill. Test Prep. Essential Prep. For Standardized Tests. Grades 1 and 2. Copyright 2002.
Langenscheidt’s Universal Dictionary. German-English and English-German.
Apache Indian Coloring Book.
The Christian World. Religions of the World. Copyright 1984.
The Buddhist World. Religions of the World.
Vanishing Peoples. Yanomami. People of the Amazon. By David Schwartz.
Very Mixed-Up Animals. Mix and match more than 1000 weird animals.
Guinness World Records. Special Student Edition. Amazing School Records. Copyright 2005.
The Crown Jewels. Tower of London. (crown jewels of England).
Fun, Facts and Fiction. A Sampler of Stories. Reading level 5-6 grade. Interest level 4-8 grade.
Animals Exposed! The Truth About Animal Senses.
Animals Exposed! The Truth About Animal Intelligence.
The Brain and Nervous System. By Steve Parker.
Sit Still! By Nancy Carlson. (book about a boy that had a hard time learning because he was always expected to sit still at a desk all day).
Avation. Space Dictionary. 6th edition. Gentle & Reithmaier. Copyright 1980.
Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun. By Rhoda Blumberg. Book setting 1853 when few Japanese have heard of the Western world or America and now American ships want permission to come into Japan’s harbors. Panic spreads. Treaty of Kanagawa. Author shows how people overcome fear and prejudice. Copyright 1985.
Shock Waves Through Los Angeles. The Northridge Earthquake. By Carole Vogel.
Public Speaking. 6th edition. Osborne/Osborn. College textbook.
Britannica. Science and the Future Library. Technology today and tomorrow. Copyright 1982.
Sunset Furniture Finishing.
Expert Guide: marine Life. From tropical reef fish to mighty sharks. By Michael Wright.
The Little Guides SHARKS. Guide to species, where to see sharks, 500 illustrations.
The Nature of Horses. Exploring equine evolution, intelligence and behavior. By Stephen Budiansky.
Now You Can Read About…Spacecraft. Large type for first readers.
Crazy Eights and other card games. Joanna Cole.
Kingfisher Young Knowledge. Robots. By Clive Gifford. Includes fun and easy projects.
Sunshine Makes the Seasons. By Franklyn Branley. Stage 2.
Clocks-Scales & Measurements. Easy to make science experiments and why they work.
Dolphin’s First Day. The Story of a Bottlenose Dolphin. By Katheleen Zoehfeld.
Humpback Goes North. By Darcie Bailer.
Kids’ Question & Answer Book. (questions about animals, science, weather, etc).
What’s Inside? Insects. A first guide to the wonders and workings of insects.
What’s Inside? Toys.
The Science Book. By Sara Stein. Copyright 1979.
Animal Travels. Calif. State Series by the Cal. State Dept. of Education. Copyright 1959.
Drawing A Likeness. By Douglas Graves. Step-by-step advice on how to successfully analyze and draw portraits (looks like an adult book to me but all the drawing and watercolor books belonged to a friend’s 5 yr old son).
Creating Textures in Watercolor. A guide to painting 83 textures from grass to glass to tree bark to fur. By Cathy Johnson.
Creative Ways with Drawing Dogs and Cats.
My Fun with Learning. The earth and the stars. Adventures in science and discovery. Fact book.
EARTH. Our planet in space. By Seymour Simon.
English for Christian Schools. Writing and Grammar. 2. 2nd edition.
Expressing Land, Sea and Sky in Watercolor. By Rowland Hilder.
Putting People in Your Paintings. J. Everett Draper.
How to Paint with Watercolors. By Alwyn Crawshaw.
Mighty Machines. Trucks & Diggers. A question and answer book.
Time, Money & Fractions. Grades 1-2.
Vocabulary Enrichment. Grade 3.
LIFE. Nature Library. The Insects. Copyright 1962.
Gifted & Talented. Math. Grade 2.
The Reason for a Flower. Ruth Heller. World of Nature.
Marine Mammals. An educational read and color book.
Discovering Marine Mammals. A learning and activity book. By Nancy Field.
Whales. The Gentle Giants. By Joyce Milton. Step 2 book.
Math 2. Reviews. BJU Press. Activity book.
Cardoza Publishing. The Basics of Winning Chess. By Jacob Cantrell.
Steven Kellogg’s Yankee Doodle. By Edward Bangs.
Gifted & Talented. Writing. Grade 2.
Insects do the Strangest Things. By Leonora Hornblow.
Scholastic chapter book biography. Let’s Drive, Henry Ford! By Peter Roop.
3b. Key Words with Landbird. The original key words reading scheme.
World Discovery Science Readers. Fossils. By Kris Hirschmann.
Do Penguins Have Knees? An Imponderables book by David Feldman. 265 pages.
God’s Gift of Language A. Teacher’s edition. Writing & Grammar work-text. A Beka Book.
MCP Mathematics. Teacher’s Edition. Level B.
MCP Mathematics. Teacher’s Edition. Level D.
MCP Mathematics. Level D.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 1.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 2.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 2.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 3.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 3.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 4.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 5.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 6.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 5.
Class Record Book. T.S. Denison. New.
Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise? And other Imponderables. By David Feldman. 250 pages.
The World of M.C. Escher. New Concise Nal Edition.
What’s Worrying Gus? The true story of a Big-City Bear. By Henry Beard.
Italian ALL THE WAY. Conversation, grammar, culture, reading, writing. Language instruction. Basic-intermediate.
Entering Space. An Astronaut’s Odyssey. By Joseph Allen.

Little House books:

Little House on the Prairie
The Long Winter.
On the Banks of Plum Creek.
Farmer Boy.
These Happy Golden Years.

The first four are from 1971 and have some wear/yellowing.

$5.00 for all of them.

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  1. Great entry - lots of good information!

    Seymour Simon has a website,, which provides supplementary information such as Discussion Guides, Science Projects, and Contests to support his books, and which may be of interest to homeschoolers.

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