Friday, February 6, 2009

Jerry Markel income taxes accountant in Simi

I got my tax return! YEAH!!!! It is, sadly, all going to bills. I am hoping that this time next year I am completely caught up on all my bills, except my mortgage payment. That is my goal for the year so I need to do a budget and figure out what it will take for me to get everything paid off.

I used the same account as the last two years, Jerry Markel. He is a nice, friendly guy and has done a great job (my friend, Steve, refereed me to him).

So, when he was doing my taxes this year I told him I'd post it on my blog about him to see if I can help get him any referrals.

He is in Simi, at Stearns and the 118 Fwy.

Here is his info from his card:

Jerry S. Markell, MST.
Skidmore Markell & Company.
(805) 527-4024

I am LMAO looking at the 'skidmark' part! I never realized it before just typing it!


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